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December 2021
Barbara Kavanagh and Brigitte Martin in Bressuire 2022
25th anniversary twinned with Bressuire From left to right: Francois Gingreau Regional Councillor Bressuire, Barbara Kavanagh former host of several Bressuire guests, Mary Foley former Secretary Leixlip town twinning, Marian Lyons current Secretary, Mary Pinet Présidente of Bressuire committee and Corinne Baudry-Gellé local Bressuire Councillor
One of the highlights of the trip of the Irish delegation comprising Marian Lyons,Mary Foley and Barbara to Marais Poitevin in May 2022
Members of Bressuire and Leixlip twinning on a delightful boat trip on Marais Poitevin
Gift presented to Leixlip from Bressuire to mark 25 th anniversary twinned with them
Mary Pinet in Bressuire 2022
Trip to Villandry Gardens in May 2022